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The Significance of Brand Alignment for B2B Enterprise Websites.

The Challenge:

Enterprise startups often describe themselves as best-in-class and thought leaders, but their websites give off a startup vibe.

For instance, if you're urging customers to secure their corporate network with your cybersecurity platform or rely on your AI-based software for data analysis, your company needs to exude trustworthiness. If customers perceive you as a "startup," they may focus on your company's background instead of asking the right questions about your products and services.

Customer's First Touchpoint: Your Website

  • 42% of new revenue originates directly or indirectly from your website.

  • 37% of customers will leave due to poor website design.

  • 46% of customers assess your business's credibility through your website.

  • 94% of first impressions are design-related.

  • A strong initial brand impression is crucial for driving sales-qualified leads through your website.

Three Key Website Errors:

  1. Visual design that fails to reflect the maturity of your products and target customers.

  2. Use of generic stock photography and icons, which should be edited or repurposed to avoid a cookie-cutter look.

  3. Branding on your website not aligned with your internal perception of your brand. Your website may appear to lack a dedicated marketing team, despite considering yourselves as "thought leaders."

Importance of Brand Alignment:

  • Differentiate from competitors.

  • Position yourself as a forward-thinking solution while demonstrating maturity to replace incumbent providers.

  • Reduce friction in the sales process by presenting yourself as a mature organization, facilitating the champion's internal selling efforts.

  • Improve overall perception, aiding product/service sales, talent acquisition/retention, and investor valuations.

  • Attract larger customers by creating a website that makes your organization appear much larger and more established than it actually is.


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