We are a digital graphic design agency

Sumatra Creative has worked with hundreds of clients, and has over 20 years of experience. We specialize in custom website design that has the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization. We create custom logo design & branding, illustrations, infographic design. animation and print design of all forms. We provide graphical user interface (GUI) designs for games & apps. We also deliver graphic design and animation services for both 2D & 3D Mobile Games. And Given each client’s unique requirements, we continually strive to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry by doing cutting-edge work.


Basic 1 Page Site

Approximate Cost



Pro Site 6 Pages

Approximate Cost



Corporate Site 12 Pages +

Approximate Cost


Corporate Logos and Brand Creation


Your business is ready to launch. Look damn good - and make sure customers remember you - with a stand out logo. The packages below include custom quality concepts, with polished professional design. Usage rights, comps, and style guide. Please inquire for more details about all our print design works (ex.business cards & more) view our works


Optional Hourly Plan

For Smaller Projects



Weekly Plan / per week basis

Short term Project



Monthly Plan / per month basis

Ongoing design work valued@


Website Consulting and Development

Sumatra Creative offers specialized website design services using the user friendly CMS WiX software. Your site will be Mobile responsive built with a custom template design, rollover and pull down menu navigation, custom header graphics, stock photography, icons and animations. Valid HTML5 and CSS markup. And a Custom JavaScript framework. view our works

Prices below include subscriptions costs to the WiX CMS.

Mobile and Console Game Graphics

Specializing in 2D and 3D artwork for both character and background designs. From Conceptual art to final game renders and animations, using Photoshop, Flash5 and 3D packages such as (Maya, Softimage, 3Dsmax). Always detail oriented, organized, and able to meet tight deadlines. view our works

User Interface Design for Apps and Games

We will provide the information architecture, then we design your user interface as a wireframe that outlines your project concept. From a clear page structure, we create a functional and top-notch design on the planned structure. Through feedback we make all necessary modifications. Finally we deliver the final design and assets.  view our works

If you can Dream it, We can Create it


We will create any illustrative hand drawn presentation pieces. Fully rendered custom 2D or 3D set design with textures and lighting. Photo retouching, posters, billboard ads and much more...   (Need help to breathe life into your design idea? We can help)

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